Terms of Service


Welcome to Triple! Triple was created with a concept of “Triple provides Triple Fun, before, during, and after your trip.” We have drafted these terms of service so that all users can enjoy and get the most out of Triple.


The terms used in these Terms of Service shall apply the following definitions.

  1. (1)”User” refers to all users of this Service, with or without user registration.
  2. (2)”Member” means a person that has registered to be a member of this Service in accordance with this Agreement.
  3. (3)”Our Company” means Triple LLC. (which runs Triple).
  4. (4)”This Service” refers to all services provided on this Website and this Application.
  5. (5)”Materials” refers to pictures, photos, information on location, comments and all other materials and information provided on this Service


This Agreement shall apply to Users, including Members, and said Users shall observe this Agreement in relation to the use of this Service.


With regard to our Service, you may visit and view the contents without registration as a guest. However, you will have access to more features of this Service if you create an account through user registration. If you wish to register for the use of this Service, you shall complete the required account information as may be requested by us through submitting the application in such format as may be specified by us.
Our Company may reject a registration it has deemed inappropriate, such as in cases wherein the User applying for member registration is a person whose member registration has been canceled in the past, or is determined by our Company to have the possibility of violating this Agreement. Users shall not have the right to object to the rejection of his/her application.
Our Company may reject a registration in case a minor who wishes to become a Member does not obtain the consent of his/her guardian prior to member registration and the use of this Service.
The Member shall not transfer, lease, succeed, or alter the ownership and use as collateral his/her registration email address and password, his/her position as a Member, and his/her rights and duties pertaining to this Agreement and this Service, and may not provide them for use by a third party.
The User shall set his/her registration email address and password upon registration as a Member. The Member who has been registered as the person who owns the email address and password used in the registration process shall be deemed to have used this Service upon verification that his/her registration email and password have matched. The Member shall strictly control his/her registration email address and password under his/her responsibility, and shall not divulge or leak his/her password to a third party. Our company shall assume no responsibility if the Member suffers from losses due to the use of his/her registration email address or password by a third party.
The Member shall immediately report to our Company any changes to his/her email address, country of residence and other information required in member registration and in the details sent to our Company. The Member shall register an email address which he/she can always be reached, and immediately respond should there be any queries from our Company. Our company shall assume no responsibility if the Member suffers from any disadvantage due to delay or negligence in the notification of the matters that have changed.


Our Company shall properly handle the personal information and specific personal information of Users and Members that our Company owns in accordance with the separately prescribed Privacy Policy of our Company, and Users and Members shall consent to said handling process.


Our Company shall restrict, suspend or cancel member’s access to or right to use our Service without prior notice where we believe that

  1. - the member has breached these Terms of Use
  2. - the member has given us false information
  3. - the member is using our Service illegally or in breach of any third party’s rights
  4. - it is necessary to protect ourselves, other users or any third party
  5. - it is not possible to establish contact with the member through email
  6. - it is necessary for operating our Service.

Restriction, suspension or cancellation of our Service could result in a permanent loss of access to and use of certain aspects of the services, including member’s own uploaded Content, even if the member later re-registers or re-subscribes to our Service.


Our Company may terminate and suspend the operation of our Service without prior notice or warning to the Users and Members in case of any of the following reasons. Our Company shall assume no responsibility even if the User or Member has suffered losses due to the suspension or termination of this Service as a result of these reasons.

  1. (1) If the repair and maintenance of the equipment and other machines used in this Service will be regularly or urgently performed
  2. (2) If there are malfunctions or breakdowns in the equipment used in this Service
  3. (3) If this Service cannot be provided permanently or temporarily due to earthquake, volcanic eruption, flooding, tsunami and other natural calamities, war, disturbance, riot, trouble, labor disputes, fire, power outage and other acts of God
  4. (4) Other cases wherein our Company deems it necessary to suspend or terminate this Service in the context of operation or technology


All photos, comments and other materials protected by Copyright Law that are uploaded in this Service and provided in this Service shall have their copyright belong to our Company or to the holder of the rights of the copyrighted materials, and shall be protected by laws and regulations related to intellectual property right, including Copyright Law. The unauthorized use of these copyrighted materials without obtaining lawful permission pursuant to this Agreement is prohibited under Copyright Law and other pertinent legislations.


The User shall not commit any of the following acts.

  1. (1) Any act that infringes the copyright and other intellectual property rights, right of publicity, privacy rights, reputation and other rights of our Company, other Members or Users and third parties, and prejudice their interests
  2. (2) Any act that may defame, abuse, harass, threaten, solicit from, and market and advertise to other Members or Users and third parties
  3. (3) Any act that may post too many self photos, or violent or nude photos
  4. (4) Any act that uses Materials provided in this Service without the permission of our Company
  5. (5) Any illegal act, harassment and other acts that interfere with the operation of this Service
  6. (6) Any criminal act and other acts that offend public order and morals
  7. (7) Other acts deemed inappropriate by our Company


Our Company may alter, suspend or terminate this Service without the need for advance notification to or consent from Users and Members, and without responsibility toward Users and Members. Users and Members shall have no right to object in said cases.
Our Company does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of all information related to the Materials provided in this Service. User and Member shall both observe the provisions of this Agreement on their own responsibility.
Our Company shall not guarantee their marketability or compatibility to specific targets, or that they have no flaws. Users and Members shall consent to the use of this Service on their own responsibility.
Our Company shall not indemnify or compensate in any way losses that the Member may have suffered as a direct result of the infringement of the copyright and portrait right of the Materials and the rights of a third party.
Our Company shall assume no responsibility for losses from computer system interference and the subsequent error display, and from computers and other ancillary environments.
Our Company shall assume no responsibility for losses and damages related to the Materials submitted to our Company, including images, video data and text, and their incidental information and other data. Users and Members shall generate and keep backups of said data on their own.
Our Company shall not guarantee that this Service, servers, Materials and electronic mails sent from this Service are free from virus or other harmful elements. Users and Members shall take the necessary measures against harm under their own responsibility.
Under any circumstances, our Company shall assume no responsibility for disputes arising with third parties and all related losses arising from this Service, the Materials on this Service, the rights licensed under this Agreement, trust, access and use, misuse and delay.
This Service may provide SNS run by a third party and other external services and related services, but the User shall use said external services on his own responsibility and our Company shall assume no responsibility for losses that may be incurred by the User in relation to the use of said external services. The User shall observe the Terms of Service of said external services in the context of their use.


Any issues related to our Service shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
In the event of any dispute arising in relation to this Service, the Wakayama District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first trial.

Enacted on: August 1st, 2017

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